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Rodica Murphy Sustainability Consultant

Let me help your business and lighten your workload.

It can be a lot for an SME to navigate the ESG initiatives available.

There are:

  • ​Legal requirements

  • Customer needs

  • Certifications and reporting frameworks

  • Employee and social governance programs 

I get it, and I hear you.

I bring clarity, transparency and structure.

Did You Know?


of customers review your sustainability strategy when deciding to buy from you. Get your B Corp certification.


of Millennials would take a pay cut or choose one company over another when deciding who to work for (that is three-quarters of the work force in 5 years).


ESG-conscious companies are worth 50% more to investors (FT). Scale Up your business ready for investment.


of UK and US consumers say a poor environmental track record would cause them to stop buying from a brand (Sage)

Take Control of Your Sustainability Journey: Measure, Manage, and Communicate Seamlessly.


Manage your company's environmental footprint, and social and governance frameworks including:

Manage your company's environmental footprint, and social and governance frameworks including:

Simple carbon footprint calculation:

Easily measure Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Effortless ESG reporting:

Meet your environmental, social, and governance reporting requirements with ease.

Streamlined supplier management:

Engage with your suppliers on sustainability initiatives and track their progress.

Centralised documents and policies:

Access and manage all your sustainability documents and relevant policies in one place.

Simplified compliance actions:

Track and manage your sustainability compliance tasks and deadlines effectively.

Unlock the benefits:

Improved efficiency and data accuracy.

Enhanced transparency and stakeholder engagement.

Reduced administrative burden.

Data-driven decision-making for a sustainable future.


Amplify Your Impact and Achieve Sustainability Recognition

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint:

Minimize your carbon footprint and conserve resources, protecting the environment for future generations.

Unwavering Support on Your Sustainability Journey:

B Corp Certification:

I expertly manage your B Corp journey, from project planning to successful application.

Net Zero & CSRD Compliance:

Streamline the path towards Net Zero emissions and CSRD compliance with my comprehensive project management and implementation support.

"I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work together with Rodica on our social entrepreneurship project in Cambodia. Rodica’s passion about sustainability, strong dedication to make a positive environmental and social impact, critical thinking as well as her outstanding communication skills are very inspiring." 

Luzia Gysin - Environmental Sustainability Manager
Lloyds Banking Group

Working with me...

"I've been working with Rodica for over four years - she's a fearless leader who is always striving to push the boundaries of creativity whilst protecting the brand. She successfully steered the brand in Northern Europe through it's most ambitious product launch of over 70 products at once."

Stuart Palmer - Creative Director Northern Europe

Hilti Group

Working with me...

"For many years I collaborated with Rodica and always found her to be thoughtful, imaginative and driven in her work, creating fantastic content, events and communications. I then had the opportunity to collaborate on a much closer basis as co-founders of an eco-business in Cambodia. Every single day I have been inspired by Rodica's absolute passion and her deep knowledge of communications, social media and how to connect a business with its ideal end-user."

Matthew Balnaves - Head of Strategy


Working with me...

"Rodica combines personal depth with connecting skills in team settings. This makes her an authentic yet approachable leader. Even critical words or delicate situations, Rodica approaches pro-actively and meets challenges with a cool head, a lot of dedication."

Ramona Bischoff - Business Psychologist

Kontext Mensch

Working with me...

"In Rodica I found the best possible combination of striving for perfection and pragmatism. Her attitude and approach is of the highest standards and also she is strong in driving results and improvements."

Floris Oranje - Salesforce Lead UK

Merkle EMEA

Working with me...

"Rodica is an individual who demonstrates both drive and passion for her professional career. She is able to relate to all levels of stakeholder, and can voice her thoughts and opinions in an articulate manner. Rodica is a pleasure to work with and comes up with new innovative thoughts and ideas to help make projects more achievable and interesting - always thinking outside of the box!"

Kiran Sandhu - Head of Legal Group


Working with me...


Communicate Your Success Stories:

Compelling sustainability reports:

Showcase your progress and impact in clear, accessible formats.

Tailored communication tools:

Leverage customizable reports, CO2 pages, ESG communication packs, and social media campaigns (Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok) to amplify your message and engage your audience.

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